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The Dovo of Solingen Shavette is a covenient and affordable alternative to a traditional cut throat razor.

The shavette uses disposable double edge (DE) razor blades (or longer Dovo shavette blades) which are simply replaced as required. This means there is no need to buy or use a hone, strop or the accessories associated with maintaining a conventional straight razor.

Experienced open razor users will appreciate the convenience this type of razor affords both in normal use and as a travel razor whilst the shavette is also perfect as the perfect introductory razor for newcomers to straight razor shaving as initial costs are considerably reduced and offers an affordable way to get used to the technique required for a comfortable straight razor shave.

This version has a black plastic handle and satin aluminium blade holder.

The razor includes 1 x Clear Holder and 1 x Double Edge Blade

Product Code: 201-081

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