Our Scimitar Double-Edge Safety Razor was engineered for one purpose – to smoothly glide through the toughest stubble with just one blade. Finished in a timeless chrome-plating with our iconic skull and crossbones logo, this durable plastic-free razor is perfectly weighted from brass body to zinc alloy head.

  • A single blade allows for a much closer and smoother shave than multi-blade alternatives and can help to reduce the chances of ingrown hairs.
  • A brass body and zinc alloy head make our Scimitar Razor completely plastic-free for a more eco-friendly shaving experience.
  • Smooth chrome plating gives our Scimitar Double-Edge Safety Razor an elegant appearance.
  • The head of the razor is engraved with our iconic skull and crossbones logo – a seal of approval from barbers and serious shavers all over the world.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Handle Length: 8.5cm

Full Razor Length: 9.5cm

Weight: 67g

Blades sold separately.


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