What Is Hair Pomade?

What is hair pomade? We get asked this a lot as hair pomade is not a familiar term for everyone. In this blog post we are going to break down in depth everything you need to know about hair pomade. We will unravel the mystery of hair pomade and show you how this incredible product can transform your look. By the end of this post, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to know what you are after and to effortlessly style your hair like a pro.

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Hair pomade is a versatile styling product that has a long history dating back to the 19th century. It provides hold, texture, and shine to the hair. It also offers a more flexible hold compared to gels or sprays. Originally made from oil-based ingredients like bear fat or lard, pomades have evolved to include petroleum-based and water-based options. Today, hair pomade caters to a wide range of styles, allowing individuals to create classic slicked-back looks or modern textured hairstyles. All pomades offer different levels of hold and shine.

What Are The Different Types Of Pomade?

When it comes to pomades there are two primary types.


Water Based Pomades

Water based pomades offer a lighter texture and hold compared to oil based pomades. They are usually formulated with a water-soluble base, making them easier to wash out. Water based pomades provide versatility in styling, allowing for restyling throughout the day and a more natural-looking finish. They offer a balance between hold and flexibility, making them suitable for various hairstyles and hair types.

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Oil Based Pomades

Oil based pomades offer a strong hold and a high shine finish. They are formulated with oil based ingredients such as petroleum jelly or natural oils. These provide a longer lasting hold compared to water based pomades. Oil based pomades are ideal for creating a classic, slick back style. They are best suited for someone who is looking for a more traditional and polished appearance. This makes them popular among individuals seeking a retro or vintage look. These types of pomades can prove to be more challenging to wash out compared to water based pomades but I will go into that more later on.

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Which Pomade Is Right For Your Hair Type?

Short Hair

For short hair styles both oil and water based pomades can work really well. It just depends on the desired texture and style. A light to medium hold water based pomade can provide you with versatility and a more natural look. On the other hand an oil based pomade will give you that strong hold, slick finish which is ideal for achieving that neat, classic slick look.

Long Hair

For longer hair I would recommend a medium hold water based pomade. If you go for a heavier, stronger hold pomade then you may lose the natural bounce of your hair. By going with a water based product it will also make it easier to wash out.

Thick Hair

When it comes to thick hair, light hold pomades won’t cut it. They just struggle to hold thicker hair together once they have dried. Thick hair needs a medium to strong hold which will keep your hair tight and in shape for the day. I would highly recommend an oil based pomade as this will provide the necessary weight needed to manage your hair.

Curly Or Wavy Hair

For those of you with curly or wavy hair this can depend on what style you are going for .If you want to tame your curls then a strong hold oil based pomade would be my recommendation. This will give you a water resistant hold that will last all day. If you are looking to keep your curls but are just looking for something to tame the fizz then a light to medium hold water based pomade would be ideal.

Fine Hair

When it comes to styling fine hair you want a product that is light as possible and one that isn’t going to weigh your hair down. I believe that a light hold water based pomade would be best suited for you. By using a water based product it will apply easily and you won’t feel any resistance when applying to your hair as you would with an oil based pomade.

Please do remember that these are just recommendations, it is also down to personal preference when it comes to picking the right pomade for your hair. We would always recommend trying out different products to see what works best for your hair.

How To Use Pomade

Follow our step-by-step instructions to make the most of your pomade and create head-turning looks with ease:

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How To Wash Out Pomade

Each type of pomade requires a different method for washing out. Below I have broken this down for you to show you the process of both water based pomade and oil based pomade.

Water Based Pomade

Water based pomades are extremely easy to wash out as they are water-soluble. You will simply be able to wash these products out with just warm water and shampoo.

Oil Based Pomade

These types of pomades can be a little bit difficult to wash out compared to water based versions. You can either use a shampoo that is specifically made for washing oil based products out or you can try out the following method:

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