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The Ultimate Concentrated Shampoo for Real Men

Be warned – The Bluebeards Revenge Shampoo will leave your hair feeling silky-smooth and smelling absolutely divine – as well as making you utterly irresistible to potential admirers!

Let’s face it – Real Men are generally not that interested in shampoo. Not for us, the endless waffle about the various virtues of weird, wonderful and exotic ingredients – and nor do we give a flying fig for the advertising bulldust! In fact, all we want is a good-quality shampoo that actually delivers – end of!

The answer? The Bluebeards Revenge Shampoo – the very best, barbershop-quality shampoo we could find, all packaged up for you in a man-sized bottle. We even made it blue for you, too.

As ever, a little goes a long way, and Whatever you do, keep out of reach of your better half. Neglect to do so, and you can be sure as eggs are eggs that they will be helping themselves the second they get a taste of its magical hair-washing powers.

The Bluebeards Revenge Shampoo is not tested on animals. We tested it on real people instead, and happily, they are all still with us and sporting squeaky clean hair!

Size: 250ml


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