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Sweet Georgia Brown Original Red. The original is back. Beautiful shine and that oh-so-sweet fragrance! This pomade is loved by generations, the pomades can style anything from slick to thick and curls to straight.

The “Sweet Georgia Brown Hair Dressing Pomade” in the red can is the maybe most classic pomade: a stunning, medium-firm pomade, originally from Chicago. Since 1934 to the present this same formula has been used.

“Sweet Georgia Brown Pomade” casts one immediately into the elegant days of the 1930s – the beautifully designed tin, the golden colour of the pomade; the warm, sweet scent. The fact that something so good is still being produced today, is almost a miracle. The “Sweet Georgia Brown pomade” had disappeared from the market for years and was only recently restored.

This pomade is ideal for the “classic” look and for hard-to-manage hair. You‘ll get a natural shine and control for the whole day – just two of the many reasons why it so popular with Barber Shops.

The pomade is packaged in an attractive, nostalgic, vintage-style can.
Made in the USA.

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