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Osma Bloc – Alum Block (Soothes Shaving Irritation) Alum (Potassium alum) is a natural aftershave which contains 100% mineral salts with healing and antiseptic properties.
Very popular after-shave treatment as a natural deodorant and a facial toner for oily skin and acne It is a crystal-like stone that is moistened with cold water and gently rubbed over the entire face to act as an antiseptic for razor burn. It can also help to stop bleeding of nicks and cuts. The Alum block also has antiseptic properties that not only cool and refresh the skin after shaving but also act as a balm. Simply wet the block apply to face and then dry with towel. The Alum Block has antiseptic properties making it the ideal 100% natural after shave treatment. These alum blocks have been medically tested for being hypo-allergic and skin friendly; they are appropriate for all types of skin and can be used as an astringent for oily complexions. An Alum Block is a crystal cube formulated from naturally occurring Alum deposits.

Size: 75g

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