All of Dr K’s all natural handmade soaps!


  • Man Soap  – Infused with the manly scents of Cedarwood, Orange and Patchouli Essential Oils and bolstered with Real Irish Stout.
  • Scrubby Soap  – Packed with abrasive power to remove dirt and grime after outdoor or hard activities. Scented with refreshing Lemongrass Essential Oil and bolstered with Real Irish Stout.
  • Irish Stout & Charcoal Soap  – Enriched with Irish Stout for luxurious lather and the purifying and cleansing power of Activated Charcoal.
  • Irish Coffee Soap  – Infused with Strong Coffee and fortified with Real Irish Whiskey.
  • Hemp Soap  – Enriched with Hempseed Oil for superb conditioning and the antibacterial benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Contents: 110g / bar when packed. Packaged in fully recyclable/biodegradable cardboard.

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