Dick Johnson Face Serum Magic is a powerful moisturizer and skin harmonizing treatment. Do you want to revive your facial skin and make it look lively and crystal-clear? This Serum provides you with this magical effect! The serum is made from Lion’s Mane mushroom extract, which absorbs effectively into the skin without leaving it tight, as long as the product is used moderately. Lion’s Mane mushroom extract has moisturizing properties that help restore the skin’s natural moisture balance. As a result, your face will feel velvety, silky, and revitalized. With the use of this serum, you will soon notice a difference in the clarity and evenness of your skin. And so will others!

Suitable for all skin types and provides intense hydration for the face. Whether your skin is dry, oily, or normal, you can rely on achieving healthy skin with minimal effort.

Size: 50ml

Fragrance: Fragrance Free

Micro Dose: Use only half a pump at a time

Recommended Use: After shower or before bed time!

Suitable For: All skin types and those with fragrance sensitivities, does not contain fragrance.

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