Dick Johnson Beard Cream is a top-of-the-line beard cream. They used two years to formulate it and managed to find seven active ingredients that work in perfect harmony in your beard and skin’s best interests. Dick Johnson’s Beard Cream Ala Gloire Des Dieux is a light, well-absorbed, super hydrating cream that effectively reduces beard dandruff and skin impurities under your beard. On top of all that, the beard cream gives your beard a light, stylish matte look.

By using the beard cream every day, you get a healthier beard and less dandruff and skin impurities under your beard.

Size: 50ml

Scent: Whiskey & Vanilla

  • Super hydrating cream for beard and face skin
  • Reduces beard dandruff effectively
  • Kills bacteria that cause skin impurities
  • Gives your beard a light matte look

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