For the modern dandy and man about town. Captain Fawcett is delighted to present a luxurious bespoke moisturising cream subtly scented with Ricki Hall’s ‘Booze & Baccy’ Signature Series swagger. Infused with vitamin extracts & plant based nutrients to help eliminate toxins & keep complexions clear & healthy. Easily absorbed with no oily residue, the moisture retaining ingredients leave skin smooth as silk. Goes handsomely with all ‘Booze & Baccy’ essentials. The scent of a man who makes his mark.

Fragrance: Booze & Baccy

Size: 50ml

Moisturising twice a day supports the skin’s natural barrier and does wonders to ward off fine lines, wrinkles and dullness, thereby keeping a fellow’s handsome visage in top-notch condition.

Grab a small amount – don’t overdo it – take it easy. Stroke into face & neck in the morning & at night, then go about your business. Suitable for all skin types. Bosh!

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