All natural and handmade, our moustache wax is hydrating, strengthening, nourishing and perfect for maintaining meticulous moustaches of every length and nature. Suitable for discerning chaps or cheeky cads with jaunty curls or villainous twists – it can even tame the more wild and roguish of whiskers.

Twist open the 15ml tin and push the wax up onto the immaculate fingernail of your index finger, and wipe it onto the thumb of the same hand. Rub the wax back and forth between thumb and finger to soften, and then apply directly to the moustache. Pull and twist into the desired shape, or comb through then shape into the perfect curve or twist.

Size: 15ml Tin

TIP: For a less stiff hold try adding a small drop of Audacious beard oil to the wax as you soften it between thumb and finger.

(test on a small area of skin first incase of any allergy or reaction)

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