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The Audacious Deluxe Gift Box is the ultimate way to celebrate that special beard in your life: A treasure chest full of Audacious beardy bounty, this custom made, oak stained, rustic wooden gift box measures 24cm x 14cmx 8.5cm and contains:

– The Audacious Shampoo bar – Large (90g)
– The Woodsman beard oil – 10ml
– The Buccaneer beard oil – 10ml
– The Wood Chopper beard oil – 10ml
– The Audacious Beard balm
– Moustache wax
– The Audacious knitted cotton Face Cloth (handmade by Cotton & Jute)
– The Audacious Beard Comb
– Folding scissors
– A ‘Beard I love’ pocket mirror

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